Virtual Alumni Band

Dear Green Brigade Alumni,

Greetings from your alma mater in Denton! All of us here in the Green Brigade hope that you are doing well and staying safe, wherever you are around the world! For those who I have not had the opportunity to meet, my name is Daniel Cook. I had the pleasure of joining the UNT College of Music faculty in 2019 and in this role serve as the conductor of the Wind Ensemble and director of the Green Brigade.

One of my primary missions is to connect with and energize our amazing alumni (such as yourself!) by hosting recurring, annual, UNT Green Brigade Alumni Band events, and in doing so create a stable and sustainable Green Brigade alumni organization. We were excitedly beginning preparations on a 2020 reunion, but unfortunately, with the restrictions imposed, we are unable to meet in person this year. However, while an Alumni Band Homecoming performance might be off, an Alumni Band Stay-At-Homecoming performance is on! 

And so, we invite you to participate in our first ever Green Brigade (Virtual!) Alumni Band! Follow these five easy steps to participate!

Step 1 – Find and download your materials!

  • We'll be virtually assembling the Alma Mater and the Fight Song.
  • Everything you need is in the list of folders as you scroll to the bottom of this webpage!
  • You'll need the PDFs to the music and the video of our drum major conducting to play along to.
  • The Drum Major videos are called "Alma Mater Playalong" and "Fight Song Playalong" respectively.
  • The PDFs are in the folders called "Alma Mater Music" and "Fight Song Music" respectively, organized in score order.
  • Color Guard can see a video of the flag work via a hyperlink in the Color Guard document, for those participants!

Step 2 – Record yourself performing!

  • We want to see your beautiful faces (video) and wonderful playing (audio). It's ok if your chops aren't quite in the same shape they were!
  • Be sure to wear your green and sport your BEST Mean Green spirit!
  • You will want two devices to do this easily - one to play the drum major video, and another to record yourself. You might, for example, pull the videos up on your phone or tablet with headphones in, and record on your computer. Please let us know if you need help! Email
  • Please record your videos in landscape (i.e. if on a phone - turned sideways) not portrait view.
  • Here are some tips for a great recording!
    • Find the quietest room to record in. Do your best to avoid a large room and a room with many flat surfaces (tile, granite, wood, etc.). Those surfaces are reflective and can make a hard to work with recording. Be sure that your recording is not too loud (clipping, distortion) and be sure it is not too soft. You may have to experiment with (phone or computer) microphone distance. Please do not add any filters, CGI, or post-production effects, audio or visual, to the recordings.
    • Here are a few short videos from Audio-Technica to help with basic recording. Click your instrument to watch. They use their expensive microphones in these videos; the same ideas will work with whatever recording device you have. The best information they give is how far away the recording device should be and how the sound is affected when the device when the device is moved to different location. 

Step 3 – Save your files!

  • Please use the following format: Tune-Part-FirstInitialLastName (Example: AM-TP1-DCook)
    • Tune - AM for Alma Mater or FS for Fight Song
    • Part - Follow this key!
      • PC = Piccolo FL = Flute CL = Clarinet AS = Alto Sax
        TS = Tenor Sax BS = Bari Sax TP = Trumpet MP = Mellophone
        TT = Tenor Trombone BT = Bass Trombone BE = Baritone/Euphonium TA = Tuba
        SN = Snare Drum TD = Tenor Drum BD = Bass Drum CY = Cymbals

Step 4 – Upload your files!

  • Upload your files into the "SUBMIT FILES HERE" folder, which you can find the panel below.
  • Click it to launch a new window, in which you'll see "Drop Alma Mater / Fight Song Recordings in Here."
  • You should be able to just drag these in once those folders are open.
  • If you have troubles uploading, please email and we will help you.
  • We will be taking submissions until November 4th at noon CST, so don't delay!

Step 5 – Keep in touch!

  • When you finish, let us know your information by filling out this form so we can list you in the credits properly when this is completed, and so we can make sure you get a copy of the product!
  • This isn't the end! We look forward to more exciting alumni projects and events in the near future.
  • If we are allowed to with respect to health regulations, know that we will plan on having you join us on the field in 2021 for what will be our first of many ANNUAL alumni band reunions, building on the success of those standalone events in 1987, 2007, and 2016. We can't wait fo you to rejoin the Best Band in the Land and the Best Drumline in College Football!
  • Be sure to follow us on all our social sites so you know what we're up to!


Files should appear right below this text! If you do not see them, or need to access this folder another way, please click here