Audition Information

  • All percussion and color guard (new members and returning members) will audition in person at band camp and do not need to read about woodwind/brass considerations below. Please visit our website for information on percussion/guard expectations under the "Prospective Member" tab.


  • All woodwind and brass members, new and returning, will need to submit an audition video no later than July 28th at noon Central time. It is at this point that drill writing and travel planning will commence, so this will be a firm deadline. Early submission is especially appreciated and will be given preferential consideration to prevent a bottleneck of adjudicating submissions.


    • Returning/veteran members will be guaranteed membership in honor of their previous years of experience but must submit an audition to retain this spot, and for part placement. Returners who have already registered but do not complete this process will be admitted but as alternates.


    • All new members must submit an audition for membership consideration.
      • It is NOT a requirement to be a music major; all members are eligible and welcome following a successful audition.
      • For those who already auditioned successfully for the College of Music this year, that audition will suffice for membership into the Green Brigade but must submit a GB audition to retain this spot, and for part placement. New members that are music majors who do not complete this process will be admitted but as alternates.
      • Music majors desiring to take advantage of the point above must have been admitted on a marching wind instrument (flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, horn, baritone, trombone, tuba).
        • Flute players who want to audition to play piccolo this season should do so at this time via this process
        • Mellophone players may submit their audition on horn.
        • Double reed primary players will need to submit this on their desired marching instrument (flute/piccolo, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, mellophone, trombone, baritone, sousaphone). Double reeds auditioning for guard or percussion should see the first point above.


    • Green Brigade provides instruments for mellophone, baritone, and sousaphone players. As such, it is understandable that you may not have access to equipment over the summer. Please check the box on the form that addresses this. Those unable to submit at this time will have the opportunity to complete a live/real-time audition for spots upon arrival at camp (likely the first block on the 13th). That said, members who are able to complete this process (either with pre-recorded material or who have access to equipment) are strongly encouraged to do so to prevent audition bottlenecking at band camp.


    • The video should be 2-4 minutes, uploaded to Youtube. It must be viewable as public or unlisted (not private). You may splice clips together, and/or submit previously recorded material. Understanding that this is a new, and late, process, know that you have lots of flexibility. Just submit a demonstration of your best musical abilities.
      • Suggestion 1: A solo excerpt, etude, or contrasting etudes of your own choice. Those participating in DCI this summer are welcome to use that show music.
      • Suggestion 2: It is perfectly acceptable to submit Green Brigade spirit tunes for those who do not have prepared etudes. Information on how to access those follows below if you need music.
      • The inclusion of a chromatic scale demonstrating your full range is appreciated, but not required, to help determine the best part placement (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.)


How to Find UNT Spirit Tunes

Any UNT student with an active EUID (usually 2-3 letters and 3-4 numbers – not your 8-digit code) may access Green Brigade materials by visiting…

            First – Click here to login:

            Second – Click here to get the materials: