Performance Materials:

  • Music will be shared via email several weeks prior to the event. We will rehearse this together the morning of the event.
  • Guard Demonstration Videos will be shared via email several weeks prior to the event. Our Guard Director will rehearse with the members the morning of the event.
  • Field Placement (a single set) will be shared via email one week prior to the event. We will set this together the morning of the event.

Preparing for the Event:

  • Bands will have the opportunity to have a meal and socialize with the Green Brigade. You have the option of arranging for meals yourself (bringing, delivery) or ordering through the Green Brigade, as desired.
  • Color guard members should bring their own flag.
  • While the Green Brigade does have a front ensemble, we suggest that those who play in a front ensemble in your bands bring a battery instrument to play for the day. We can plan and discuss front ensemble logistics pending band registrations and numbers.
  • Drum Majors of each band will be placed around the perimeter of the field to assist in conducting. Please bring a podium that can be quickly and easily deployed and moved. It may be better to bring a short ladder or step-stool rather than a large podium.


  • You may wear whatever you wish (summer uniform or full uniform), but be certain whatever you decide to wear that you match.
  • We will be providing hats for all participants so that we can all match in some capacity.
  • The Green Brigade will be dressed in full uniform for Pregame and Halftime but will dress in half uniform (that is, no jacket) in the stands.
  • While there will be time for bands to gather and potentially change, whatever space will not be private. It will probably be more advantageous, then, to utilize the summer uniform or travel in half uniform until game time.
  • Each school should supply their own ponchos in case of inclement weather. 

Other Information:

  • There are water fountains in the stadium and water bottles are available for purchase. The Green Brigade will not be able to provide bottled water for you. The Green Brigade typically has members bring their own individual water coolers.
  • Restrooms are located throughout the stadium.
  • First Aid is available throughout the stadium.
  • Concessions are available at concession stands throughout the stadium.
  • Seating information will be distributed at check-in. Please sit in your assigned seats only.  Do not “overflow” into adjacent reserved seating sections. 
  • It is recommended that all bands stay together as much as possible.  Students should not be allowed to “roam” the campus alone throughout the day, and UNT/GB cannot be responsible for individual HS student behavior.
  • We suggest students leave as many items on the buses as possible: cases, shako boxes, as we cannot guarantee the security of equipment left in Green Brigade designated areas. It would be ideal for students to be 'self-sustaining,' i.e., have everything they need on them.

If you have questions: