The schedule for the day will vary, depending on the announcement of game time (likely to happen in early August). The anticipated schedule is as follows:

4.5 hours before kickoff (2:00) Arrive on campus, unload, park. Bus greeters direct bands to Lot 20 by the Coliseum for welcome and check in. Students walk south across the land bridge to Apogee to meet in sectionals for meet and greet with GB students in the Apogee Concourse.
4 hours before kickoff (2:30) Transition from sectionals in the Concourse to rehearse on field with the Green Brigade Marching Band in Apogee. Students meet and greet with band members and gather for a fantastic full ensemble session.
3 hours before kickoff (3:30) Rehearsal ends; Transition/walk/restaging time. Green Brigade departs for the Mean Green March (this is a pep rally-style concert and fanfare for the arrival of the team). HS students can put their things in the stands at this point, and either join in watching this, or return to the Coliseum for dinner / change / etc.
2.5 hours before kickoff (4:00) Mean Green March begins.
2 hours before kickoff (4:30) Dinner/Break time (this can be handled independently or ordered through the Green Brigade, as you desire). Opportunity to change into uniform or summer uniform as needed.
1 hour before kickoff (5:30) Green Brigade stages for “March to the Stadium,” which departs 45 minutes before kickoff. HS bands begin load into the stadium.
20 minutes before kickoff (6:10) Green Brigade Pregame Show. HS Bands should be totally loaded into Apogee by 6:00.
6:30 pm  Kickoff!
During Second Quarter Begin dismissing bands to take the field
Halftime Spectacular Mass Band Performance!
After Halftime Bands return to the stands to enjoy the rest of the game, visit concessions, and/or load and depart.