Fall Color Guard Information

UNT Color Guard Audition

We are glad you are interested in auditioning for the UNT Green Brigade Color Guard section and look forward to meeting you. To register, please please visit this page - https://greenbrigade.music.unt.edu/join-green-brigade


Students must be familiar with movement and flag basic techniques, have overall coordination, and feel comfortable performing in front of large audiences. Auditions will only be based on movement and flag skills.

Move-In and Audition: Please visit the Summer Band page for calendar and date information - https://greenbrigade.music.unt.edu/summer-band-camp-information

Skill Requirements:

•First and second positions
•Jazz runs/walks
•Rolling into and out of the ground

•Right shoulder
•Right handed drop spins
•Thumb flips/palm rolls
•Pull Hits
•Right handed tosses (singles and doubles)
•45 angle tosses
•UNT Fight Song routine (will learn at auditions)

•Right and Left flat
•Right and Left drop spins
•Right and Left singles
•Right doubles, triples, and quads.
•Flourish exercises (will learn at auditions)
(Rifle line will be determined after the Color Guard is set.)

Any green, black, or white clothing that is fitted and easy to move in can be worn to the auditions.  No jeans or baggy clothing will be allowed. Dance attire is preferred. Appropriate footwear is barefoot or jazz shoes.

UNT will provide you a 6-foot flag pole and silk to use during the audition. Members must provide their own rifle. UNT may or may not have a rifle line – it is contingent from season to season. Members are not required to spin rifle. It is preferred that members use a 39” white rifle with a black strap and black bolt.

Color Guard members need to purchase black jazz shoes, body tights, black jazz pants, color guard jacket, color guard bag, 6-foot silver pole and green practice flag, and performance make up. The estimated cost is approximately $150. Fortunately, once you buy these items, you will use them every season. Some fall seasons members will also need to procure a custom show-based uniform. The Directors will provide information about this when it is the case.

Other Information
If accepted into the group, you will be required to attend camp before class begins. You must also register for the marching band class (the guard section, MULB 1812, section 502.)

Please contact us at GreenBrigade@unt.edu.