Instructional Leadership

Field Techs

Vanessa Cassidy (she/her)

Vanessa Cassidy is a music education and flute performance major from Duncan, Oklahoma. This is her 3rd year with the Green Brigade, and she was a flute section leader in 2021. She is an avid cook, a wannabe food scientist, a former amateur ballerina, an actual tennis coach, and an Instagram giveaway winner.

Scott Coward (he/him)

Scott Coward is in his 3rd year of GB and is a Music Education major. He plays saxophone is from Pflugerville, Texas. He has five black belts in Taekwondo!

Tyler Dahl (he/him)

Tyler Dahl is a Music Education Major from Redondo Beach, California. This is his second year in GB and he thinks that anything below 75 degrees is cold!

Liam Gompf (he/him)

Liam Gompf is from Austin, Texas, and is a Music Education major. This is his 4th year in GB and he really, really likes hummus!

Kyleigh Randolph (she/her)

Kyleigh Randolph is excited to begin her 3rd and final year as a field technician! She is from Rockwall, Texas, and is a Music Education major and Math minor. She marched with the Crossmen Drum and Bugle Corps in 2017 on trumpet and has spent the last 3 seasons with the Boston Crusaders. She enjoys baking, reading, and taking care of her houseplants. This is her 4th year in GB and she has dermatographia, meaning she can write on herself without ink and it sticks around for like thirty minutes!

Jackson Roberts (he/him)

Jackson Roberts is a Music Education major. He is from Houston, Texas, and is beginning his third semester in GB.