Instructional Leadership

Drum Majors

Andrea Andrade (she/her)

Andrea Andrade is a Music Education major from Rockwall, Texas. This is her 4th year in GB. Her first language is Spanish and she knows how to sail a boat!

Ronald Bonitatibus (he/him)

Ronald Bonitatibus is a Music Composition major. He is from Carrollton, Texas, and is starting his 4th year in GB. He can play chess blindfolded and has still never been to Ohio!

Gabriel Delcid (he/him)

Gabriel Delcid is a Music Education major and clarinet player. He is from McKinney, Texas, and is in his fourth year of GB. Fun fact: He had no middle name!

Sylvia Nalbandian (she/her)

Sylvia Nalbandian is entering her third year majoring in Music Education and second year in the Green Brigade. She plays the clarinet and is from Lewisville, Texas. She likes playing video games, baking, drawing, and taking naps in her free time. A fun fact about her is that her first language is Armenian.