Alumni Band Day Event Info

SAVE THE DATE for Alumni Band! October 25-26, 2024!


We are so excited to welcome you back to campus for a full itinerary of fun, fellowship, and music-making!


SAMPLE SCHEDULE modeled from 2023

Friday, October 25


Alumni Center, 801 N Texas Blvd                            

6:00pm: Check-in and welcome reception (all are invited) for GB Alumni at the UNT Alumni Center

PARKING MAP (Be careful to read signs)

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Saturday, October 26, 2024: GAMEDAY (HOMECOMING)!

Forecast: TBA

If you have one, a black long-sleeve shirt or sweater under the GB T-shirt would be a great look (or whatever you need to be comfortable).

6 hours before kick-off: Check-in and hot breakfast, DATCU HUB Club—enter near Gate 02 on west side of stadium, take elevator up to HUB Club

1. Closest parking is Blue Lot 

2. Cheapest option is Orange Lot (Fouts Field)

3. Online and Parkmobile sales for the Blue and Orange lots can be purchased until 11 pm the day before each game HERE

4. Sorry, but there’s no free parking anymore

4.5 hours before kick-off: Meet and Greet time with the Green Brigade on the DATCU field

GB Band members will lead group down to the field from the HUB Club

Instruments will be handed out for those who requested one

4 hours before kick-off: Combined GB Alumni and GB Band Rehearsal on the field

See link above for music

Bring a lyre and/or marching flip folder if you have one

Store your instrument cases on the sideline during rehearsal

You can put your instruments in the Green Brigade Alumni tent during the break; they will be attended

3 hours before kick-off: Alumni dismissed to Mean Green Village tailgate tent #3 provided by the UNT Alumni Association just outside Gate 04 on the east side of the stadium—free lunch and social time.

2.5 hours before kick-off: (Optional) Watch the Mean Green March (arrival of the football team)           

1 hour before kick-off: Join GB for the March to the Stadium

1. We invite everyone to walk with us onto the field to be recognized, even if you’re not playing!

2.  Line up just outside the south end zone to go onto the football field 

3. There should be enough room to sit with the Alumni Band next to or behind the Green Brigade section

.5 hours before kick-off: Joint GB/GB Alumni Pregame performance!             

TBA: Kick-off!                       

TBA:  Keep your seats, enjoy GB's Halftime Show!

TBA: UNT wins! Fight Song, Alma Mater, YNWA together!