Instructional Leadership

Squad Leaders


Paige Andree (they/them)

Viviana Pichardo (she/her)


Lauren Bristol (she/her)

Lauren Bristol is majoring in Music Education and has a minor in English. She is from Collierville, Tennessee, and will be playing clarinet for a second year in GB. She loves to read and even write books as a hobby!

Lindsey Byrom (she/they)


Zane Crider (he/him)

Ryan Fillinger-Palotay

Mason Lorne (he/him)

Mason Lorne is a Biomedical Engineering Major with a minor in Mechanical Engineering from Gainesville, Texas. This is his 3rd year in the Green Brigade as a member of the Alto Saxophone section, and his 1st year on leadership! Some things that he like to do in his free time include playing basketball, travelling, and spending time with family and friends. A fun fact about him is that he is a huge sneakerhead!



Yadira Cerda (she/her)

Yadira Cerda is a Biology major with a Chemistry and Music minor. She plays the trumpet from Ennis, Texas, where she marched military band throughout high school, where she was a squad leader and a section leader. This is her 3rd year in GB, and she previously served on the Media Management committee. She is excited to implement her ideas and can't wait to see you on the field. Fun fact: Yadira has a 5-year-old Pomeranian named Panchito that she's had since he was 3 months old.

Delia Esparza (she/her)

Delia Esparza is a second-year trumpet player for the Green Brigade. She is from Tioga, Texas, and is double-majoring in Music Education and Political Science. Despite trumpet being her primary instrument, she marched drumline all through high school and never marched trumpet until joining the Green Brigade!

Danah Love (they/them)

Danah Love is currently a third year participant in the Green Brigade. Love's primary instrument is the clarinet and Love is a Music Education major. Love also has a cat named Peabody.


Vincent Cappello

Owen Eichenseer (he/him)

Owen Eichenseer is a third-year music education major with a concentration in horn. He comes to UNT from Centennial, Colorado, and outside of music, he loves sports, the outdoors, and dogs!


Julianna Frohardt (she/her)

Julianna Frohardt is a 2nd-year elementary education major. She is from Frisco, TX, and a fun fact about her is that she can speak ASL semi-fluently.

Hunter Frybergh (he/him)

Hunter Frybergh is a second year UNT student and GB member. He is a double major in music education and political science, and he is from Fort Lauderdale, Florida! A fun fact about Hunter is that he loves to read and write, and you can't tell at first sight of him, but he can run really, really fast.


Joseph Nguyen (he/him)

Joseph Nguyen is in his 2nd year as a Music Education major from Haltom City, Texas. The instrument that he is most concentrated with is the Euphonium. Joseph's fun fact is that he has been chased by a pack of coyotes.

Kevin Rodriguez (he/him)

Kevin Rodriguez uses the Euphonium as his main instrument.